On Tuesday September 20th, the Brooking City Council will hold a study session in which they look at green space downtown. This includes the location of the Brookings Armory at about 5pm. The Council Meetings are held in the Brookings County Building on 3rd street in the Community Room on the third floor. The full Agenda can be found here.




Photos have been uploaded  to our Box Folder ( Below are the directions for completing documentation.

  1. Download your photos from the Box Folder. The attachment Brookings Armory_Photo Count tells you what photos are yours. We have only uploaded the jpeg files. If you want a raw file, please let me know.
  2. Using the indesign template that was sent to you, place each photo within a frame.
  3. To size the photo go to File >  Place > Open the photo you are using. Adjust the frame of the photo to the frame within the template. Next right click on the photo> fitting > fit content proportionally. The examples above are for your reference.
  4. Make one (1) 11×17 document in which the black background is included and one (1) 11×17 in which the black background is removed. Include your name on both documents. You can give your instructor the digital pdf in class on Monday.
  5. Print both 11×17 documents and bring them to class on Monday, September 12th.


Below are the directions for setting up the 600 Models: Brookings Armory Exhibit tomorrow.

  1. Exhibit Space – The models will be exhibited so they are not sitting on the floor. Nineteen (19) sheets of wood will be laid out on top of thirty-eight sandboxes in the recreation space of the Armory. When you arrive, a pdf will be provided to show you where you need to place your models. Make sure your name is on the bottom of your model. We need three (3) students to help us load the wood from the shop and into the van tomorrow at 12:30pm. You will have free transportation for your models.
  2. Model Setup- Models will be set up according to the following. Please let your instructor know by 10 pm tonight how many you have for each type even if you have not completed all twenty (2):
    1. Models that keep the armory in place and in tact
    2. Models that keep parts of the armory
    3. Models that remove the armory.
  3. Documenting the Exhibit – Please bring cameras etc. to the exhibit. We need to set up a Go-pro.
  4. Arrival Time- Arrive at 1:3opm at the Armory for set-up. Each student needs to bring one (1) sandbox (to carry models and for a base-please take one from the south wall that borders our studio), twenty (20) models, and your one (1) site model.
  5. Explaining the project – Since people will be coming and going we will have boards that explain the project, but be ready to speak about how a massing model works, observations about the site, and how you worked with the site through your intervention.


After visiting the Armory Site, you were asked to take measurements and make a Site Model of the surrounding context.  In Week 2, you will begin making models based on Bernard Tschumi’s strategies of Composition, Complement, Palimpsest, and Mediation.

For Monday 08.29.2016 make four (4) Armory Site models that address each of the strategies.



On Wednesday 08.24, we will be meeting at the Brookings Armory for a site visit at 1:15pm.  Students will be broken into teams of six (6) to analyze a different area of the site and to gather information on building heights.

ARCH 451-551_Site_Not to Scale

ARCH 451-551_Site with Aerial_Not to Scale

For Friday 08.26, each student will build a site model at 1″=40′-0 scale. Note that the scale has changed to imperial units.

1- The base should be constructed out of 1″ blue foam.

2- A hole should be left in the middle for future models of the Armory Site to be inserted into.

3- The Site Plan can be printed on ARCH D paper or tiled on 11×17 and glued or taped to the top of the blue foam. Be sure to leave a hole in the paper where the Armory Site is as well.
ARCH 451-551_Site_1 inch equals 40 feet

This file has heights in it
ARCH 451-551_Site_1 inch equals 40 feet_with heights

4- Surrounding Buildings should be cut out of blue foam.

5- You DO NOT have to paint the Site Model white.

6- Your instructor will email you a link to the Box Folder where you can locate a Rhino file and a .dwg for measuring dimensions. The files are already scaled to 1″=40′-0″.